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Hello, I'm Batya Kenanie Bram, and I've called Jerusalem my home for the past 40 years.

I believe that quality of life begins at home.

Our space has the power to help us become better versions of ourselves, and it serves as the foundation upon which we build the lives we desire.

With over two decades of experience in real estate, I've been drawn to this career by my passion for design and my love for working with people. Over the years, I've had the privilege of facilitating the sale and rental of numerous properties in Jerusalem, assisting countless families, individuals, and businesses in finding their ideal spaces. My area of specialization lies in residential properties in western Jerusalem, and I possess in-depth knowledge of building regulations and taxation.

My extensive time working in Jerusalem has enabled me to establish valuable connections and develop a profound understanding of the local real estate market.

I am committed to helping you find the perfect property that aligns with your goals and values.

Please feel free to reach out and discuss. 


My Golden Tip For Selling a Property 

When considering selling your property, it's crucial to commit to the decision rather than just testing the market waters. To maximize success, ensure that the property valuation is precise and based on recent sales data in the area. This strategic approach will position your property competitively and optimize your selling experience


My Golden Tip for Buying a Property 

When it comes to buying, it's crucial to thoroughly assess your needs for a property you'll love to live in. Identify non-negotiables and areas where you can be flexible. With each property you consider, carefully examine these points and evaluate the level of compatibility. Don't compromise on the essentials, and find the perfect balance for your ideal home.


In any case... 

it's important to be accompanied by an experienced real estate agent with whom you have good chemistry and who can deliver positive results based on their expertise. Remember, they buy and sell dozens of properties for their clients. It's their job, and what they're best at. 

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